Air Conditioning


An air conditioning system is composed of a well-coordinated set of pipes, wiring ducts and two pieces of machinery. Each plays an important part and contributes to the proper functioning of the whole system.

The Associated Components

The series of electrical and plumbing connections that make up an air conditioning system are absolutely essential. However, as they are similar to any other plumbing or electrical service, we will just that they should be thoroughly checked at every inspections.

The ductwork, on the other hand, can have a major impact on how well your AC system functions. It is the circulatory system of your air conditioning system. It provides a fresh flow of cool air to the living spaces of the entire body of your house.

Thus, air conditioning systems are high tech pieces of equipment and designed to work in a certain way. Not utilizing the proper materials or procedures when installing or maintaining ductwork will result in an inefficient A/C system. In short, the ducts themselves should be properly connected. They also should be free of kinks and be unobstructed at their entrances and exits.

The Blower

If the ductwork acts as is circulatory portion of the HVAC system, then the blower is the heart. The blower is, quite simply, a large fan or set of fans that distributes the cooled air throughout the house. In the vast majority of household systems, the fan is located adjacent to the cooling coils and blows the air across them and into the living spaces. In some larger systems, there are additional fans to help with this distribution.

The Condenser

Not to stretch the analogy too far, but the condenser, which is the part of the system that actually cools the air, is the lungs of the system. When the heated coolant exits your house it is sent to a series of machines which includes the condenser. This machine forces the gas to expand and thus cools it. Why? It’s a fundamental law of nature that when a substance becomes less dense, it cools. The cooled gas is then sent into the home where the blower performs its function and the living space is cooled.

In short, an air conditioning system is complicated balance of modern technology that utilizes the basic laws of nature.