Home Plumbing


Home plumbing can be a difficult job for first-timers, but if you want to save on cost from hiring a professional plumber, you can try the tips below. However, if you think that the job is too technical like replacing old pipes with new ones without creating any leak, then, it’s practical to call a qualified plumbing company that offers flat rate on materials and labor.

Tips on home plumbing to save money

  • If your toilet bowl is clogged and a plunger does not release, get a closet auger. Rotate its handle to get though a line in the toilet drain. Upon removing the auger from the drain, dirt and debris causing the clog should come out with it, except when the auger could not reach the bottom of the drain.
  • When the bathe strainer is overflowing with water, use a shop vacuum to suck the dirt beneath the P-trap. Then, cover the drain with a rug and pour plenty of water flooding at least 1 or 2 inches. Get a plunger and pump it several times to push the water.
  • In preventive home plumbing, check your pipes at least once a year for rust. If you do this, you will not go to the extent of having leaks from faulty pipes at unexpected time. Once you see that a pipe needs to be replaced because of rust, corrosion and has mineral deposits, don’t waste time to replace it until it bursts out.
  • During winter, prevent your pipes from freezing that can stop the flow of water and cause damage to the pipes. Run a small amount of water in every faucet during the coldest time of the day to avoid it.
  • If you are worried that your kids might throw some stuff into the toilet bowl and clog it up, you can think of buying a closet auger and use it together with a plunger to get the clog.
  • Even a tiny crack on the edge can cause a leaky toilet, loss of several gallons of water, and can lead to a costly home plumbing. Therefore, it’s recommended to install a new flapper for tracking down the cause of leak from the tank to the basin.
  • To avoid clogging in your sink drain, don’t put hard-to-grind wastes into your garbage disposer.

Remember that it’s better to spend some money to make home plumbing at one time rather than redo it because of faulty repair and installation.