HVAC System


Are you looking to replace the central air system in your older home? Are you concerned about the cost of renovating to put in a new, higher capacity unit? Maybe you are trying to find ways to save energy and money with a more efficient AC unit. A high velocity HVAC system is a great solution for both instances.

How a High Velocity HVAC System Works
“High velocity” refers to the air speed within the system. Rather than using large ducts that pour more air into a space, high velocity air conditioning systems use smaller ducts. They move air at a higher velocity, circulating it faster into and through a space to cool faster and keep temperatures more regulated throughout that space. They are great for new installation and renovation. This is because of the fact they take up a lot less room in the home, making them less invasion in your space and therefore less noticeable.
Advantages of High Velocity HVAC System
When it comes to renovations, you’ll save a great deal on the cost of your remodeling work, especially in older homes. High velocity HVAC systems:

  • Use smaller ducts, so you don’t have to open up new attic space or crawl space in your home to install something just as powerful as a unit with a bulky duct system. 
  • Keep areas more evenly cooled than standard AC units due to faster circulation and more controlled air speed and temperature. 
  • Require fewer vents and returns be placed into the walls, saving additional renovation costs during your project.
  • High velocity systems can also be beneficial for new homes and new installations because as stated, they take up less space. Meaning more open area and an ability to increase room sizes and attic space.
  • Use flexible continuous tubing, remedying the leaks and inefficiencies involved in connecting large ducts together and having breaks in the chain.
  • May be more expensive to install initially but last longer and save more on energy, meaning you are living greener and cheaper in the long run.
A high velocity HVAC system can be great for any space. It can be especially useful in maintaining the original look and feel of an older home. In addition, it can save you a great deal of cash in the long run. The system will operate more efficiently and effectively and stand sturdier, longer. If your interested in learning more about high velocity HVAC systems, we recommend calling your local HVAC contractor to come out to your home and assess your needs and give you an estimate.