Central Air Systems


An air conditioner works whereby its liquid refrigerant is cooled by the condenser, then, goes to the evaporator, and expands into a gas again. During this process, the gas is cooled significantly then moves through a series of tubes known as the refrigerant coil. Then, the coil absorbs heat coming from the air, and the fresh cooled air is brought back into the house.

Why many people prefer to buy high velocity central air systems:

  • These types of HVAC systems circulate cool air into your home at faster speeds as compared to ordinary HVAC systems. They create air currents that distribute cool air evenly in a shorter span of time.
  • More flexible duct work that is smaller in size makes them easier and cost effective to be installed in older homes. The duct work made for these systems needs a space which is 10 times less than traditional duct work.
  • During summer, better humidity helps to keep your home cooler than any conventional system. This sets your thermostat to some degrees higher to make your home cooler even on hottest days.
  • If the air circulation is improved in your home, you’ll enjoy cool air faster, that will reduce or eliminate hot and cold areas.

Knowing the disadvantages of high velocity central air systems:

If you want to balance your decision in choosing what the best option for an air system is, there are benefits that you’ll enjoy in these systems, and you should also know that there are some disadvantages.

  • The main issue that holds back a lot of people to buy this central air system is cost. You’ll find that the price of this specialized ductwork system is higher than conventional systems. However, in the long-run, installing these smaller ducts in older homes will only require less remodeling work. Therefore, you can save more money installing this system.
  • There are also users who complain about the sound level of high velocity central air systems. However, it is not actually louder than the noise that you’ll hear from a standard air conditioner.

If you have any problems on high velocity home air systems, you can visit some websites that you’ll find on the web. There, you’ll learn a lot on how to avail of the benefits when you’re in a tight budget. Knowing the benefits of the high velocity central air systems can give you a better understanding on how it works.