It’s the first cold spell of the year and you turn on heat but nothing happens… You have no heat!  You check the boiler or furnace (depending on what you have) and discover that it isn’t even turning on …so what’s wrong?  Well, it could be many different things that could be causing the problem but the #1 reason why a heating system isn’t working (in our opinion) is… the stair switch.

1) Go to the top of your basement stairs and look up

2) There should be a red box that looks like a light switch but in red

3) Flick the switch to the on position

* By code all heating systems need a emergency shut off stair switch.

In conclusion before making the call to your plumber or heating contractor for emergency heating service check the emergency shut off stair switch at the top of your basement stairs to make sure it’s in the on position.

Hopefully this tip saves you from being charged a “service charge” by your plumber or heating contractor having to come out to just flick a switch.