Heating Tips


Baby, it’s cold outside but with rising heating costs you’re reluctant to turn up the thermostat. That’s understandable since energy experts report from 30 to 50 percent of a home’s energy costs come from heating and cooling systems. And although newer, energy-efficient systems are available, let’s face it, not everyone can afford to replace existing units.

But there are ways to lower your heating bill without much effort or cost with these heating tips. A few simple lifestyle changes and home repairs and you could be saving some cold hard cash. So get out your fuzzy socks and toolbox and try out some of these heating tips:

Heating Tips #1

Lower the temperature and throw on a sweater. Sounds easy enough but you’d be surprised how many homeowners won’t lower the thermostat temperature. But really the only place you’ll notice a difference is in your wallet.

Heating Tips #2

Replace your thermostat. If your existing thermostat isn’t programmable go buy one right now. Heating an empty house wastes energy and money. Set the thermostat to start warming the house about 30 minutes before you get home and to cool the house down again while you sleep.

Heating Tips #3

Keep the cold outside. Use the flame from a lighter to check your windows, doors and vents for air leaks; if the flame moves, you’ve got a gap that needs filling. Caulk or weatherstripping should do the trick.

Heating Tips #4

Open the curtains. Let the sun warm your house during the day and retain the heat by closing the curtains at night. Yeah, free heat!

And those fuzzy socks you’ve been wearing? Keep them on. Your body will feel much warmer if your feet are toasty. Plus, who doesn’t look great in fuzzy socks? But seriously, if your looking for more ways to save on your heating bill, for example a high efficiency heating system, call your local heating contractor to come out to assess your home’s needs and give you the cost verses the savings.