Heating Systems


We’ve all seen pictures of pioneer families huddled around a pot-belly stove just trying to stay warm. Home heating systems have evolved from those wood burning stoves to highly efficient furnaces and boilers. And, while are they both proven entities, you should compare their differences when choosing the right system for your home.

Furnaces heat air then forces it into rooms through vents; boilers heat water which then flows through a set of pipes into the home’s rooms. But wait, there’s more:

  • Maintenance. Furnaces have an air filter that should be regularly cleaned or changed. In order to operate efficiently, boilers need to have air bled from the system; you’ll know it’s time when rooms are inconsistently heated.
  • Zone heating. Unlike furnaces, boilers usually have thermostats in each room allowing more customized comfort than furnaces which usually operate off of one central thermostat.
  • Humidity. Since boilers heat water, they naturally leave a home more humid than a furnace which heats air. Most homeowners install humidifiers with a furnace system.

Both furnaces and boilers are such reliable heating systems most manufacturers offer 10 year warranties. Check with a local HVAC company to determine which system will fit your budget and lifestyle. A licensed technician can design a system and install one in your home.