Heating Maintenance


Obviously, the most wear and tear is placed on a heating system during the winter months. It is for this reason that extra care should be taken to get proper heating maintenance at the end of the season. Any odd noises, rattles or other deficiencies should be dealt with and not left for the time when the unit will actually be needed again.

While a layman can perform a basic inspection of the furnace, it is far preferable to have an experienced professional HVAC technician perform this heating maintenance. They have the expertise and the proper tools to make a thorough inspection of the unit. In many cases, they can identify a potential problem that is easily fixed now and can save much discomfort, aggravation and money in the future.

The heating maintenance process involves checking the unit, itself, and the associated ducts, gas lines and electrical connections. Each is important from and efficiency and safety standpoint. A detailed inspection and heating maintenance will optimize the functioning of the burners and the blower. It will eliminate any leaks from the inflow and exhaust ducts. Lastly, it will assure that all electrical connections are solid and properly contained and that any gas connections are not leaking.

A functioning heating system is essential to the livability and functioning of a home. Having one fail in the middle of a cold night can result in far more problems than a bad night’s sleep. You don’t want to be faced with catastrophe when a pipe bursts and floods your living room filled with valuable antiques. It is important to have your heating system ready at any time. An end of season, heating maintenance check is the first step in ensuring this availability. Last thing you want is to go back into the fall season and turn on your heating system for the first time in months only to find that you have no heat.