Furnace Repair


With proper care and maintenance, home furnaces can have a useful life of twenty years or more. Prompt and thorough repairs are necessary, however, to achieve this longevity. Do not put off a furnace repair. You will only pay for your negligence in the long run with a less efficient and shorter lived heating system.

Once you have determined that you actually need a furnace repair performed on your furnace, a question naturally arises, that is, “How much will it cost?” Check out our pricing page!

There are a variety of factors that determine the final price of any repair including:

  • Amount of time need to complete repair
  • Difficulty of accessing the repair
  • Level of technical skill necessary to effect the repair
  • Certifications or licenses necessary
  • Time of year
  • Availability of the heating contractor

Starting with a basic service charge to simply arrive, each of these factors adds to the overall cost of the repair. Naturally a more complicated procedure that requires more expensive parts and more time will add a significant amount to the bill. In addition, a charge for the technical expertise, certification or licensing will also be an add-on.

The simple matter of transporting a large replacement part takes time and skill. Heating systems located in difficult or hard to reach areas will incur an additional charge. Lastly, the time of year and the availability of the heating contractor are interrelated. In the winter months, heating companies are needed and in summer people look for the air conditioning companies. These HVAC companies can get more for their services simply because of the law of supply and demand.

The single most effective way to lower your furnace repair and fuel bills is to regularly inspect, maintain and perform any furnace repair in a timely manner. In this way, you can service them at non-peak times and keep them operating at peak efficiency.