Furnace Installation


Many DIY or do-it-yourself enthusiasts who have time to explore everything want to try performing a furnace installation to save on cost. When a furnace fails, it’s sometimes possible to repair it, and get it back in shape. But at times, it breaks down again after repairing, so, homeowners eventually decide to replace it with a new unit. Installing a new furnace may be costly that is why many people want to do it by themselves taking all risks at hand.

Cost of a furnace installation:

The price of labor varies depending on the companies you deal with. Some of them charge around $75 per hour on labor of a licensed installer plus $50 for the helper. An 8-hour installation can cost you about $1000 for labor cost alone. The cost can be higher if extensive duct work modification or repair is required. This is also true if your new furnace is smaller or bigger than the existing unit. However, you can still find a company that offers flat rate on materials and labor.

How to install a new gas furnace:

With a little help and some experience, you may be able to install a furnace by following the steps below:

  • Prepare the new unit for installation by removing all loose parts and gathering everything that you need.
  • Determine which side of the unit you should connect the return air duct, or whether you should attach it below the unit.
  • Next, install the unit in the place that you want. Make sure that you place the unit on rubber isolation pads in order to reduce the noise during operation. If your climate reaches temperatures below freezing, don’t perform furnace installation in an attic.
  • Decide which side of the furnace the condensate drain should exit. Keep the unit slightly tilted towards the condensate drain outlet
  • Now you can connect the duct system, and seal it with a duct sealant or a metal foil tape.
  • Connect the vent pipes and the gas supply to the unit.
  • Finally, connect the electrical system. Make sure that you verify all wiring connections with the manufacturer’s instructions before you turn on the power.

These DIY tips for a furnace installation only serve as guidelines for you, but it is highly recommended that you get the services of a professional to avoid wrong load calculations and wrong installation. You wouldn’t want to waste money just because of your great passion to explore everything.