Furnace Installation


New England homes today almost always require furnaces to maintain comfort and liveability.  Suppose the furnace breaks down?  What if it either can’t be repaired or it’s no longer economically feasible to repair it?  It’s time for a new furnace.  How much is furnace installation going to cost?  That can depend upon a few things.

  • How much can you do yourself?  You may be able to save yourself some money by doing some things yourself.  Can you take out the old furnace on your own?  Maybe you can run the electrical or ductwork, if needed, by yourself.  Some furnace installation contractors will take that into account when setting a price.  Be sure to ask.  Some may not even do the work unless they take out the old system, run the electrical, or put in the ductwork.  Make sure to ask if your work will help.  Also, ask the building department what they will or will not do.  Some may require a licensed heating contractor to sign off on gas line or electrical hook ups.
  • Are you replacing with the same size furnace or are you going to upgrade?  Depending upon the size or efficiency of the furnace to be installed, the furnace installation may cost more if gas hook ups or electrical work needs to be re-worked.  Ask your furnace installation contractor to discuss your best options.  It is in their best interest to make sure that you are happy with the installation.
  • Can you buy the equipment yourself and have them install it?  This may take more time, but it can save you a bunch of money in the end if having a furnace immediately isn’t a priority.  Most heating contractors will not directly sell you the equipment, materials or parts, but if they do expect them to mark it up significantly. The only problem you will run into is knowing all the equipment, parts and materials needed to do your furnace installation.  What happens when you have bought the all the materials and now you have the heating contractor at your home doing the furnance installation but your missing parts?  The heating contractor will be happy to get them so he can finish your furnace installation but you probably have not figured that you will be paying more than you budgeted and your price now goes up.  It is much more convenient however, to have the heating contractor bring all the equipment, materials and parts needed to your home and install it all in one shot for one price. This way if the heating contractor has forgot a part it is still covered under the price you agreed to pay for the furnace installation- no unforeseen cost surprises!  If this is the option you choose then expect the furnace installation price to be between $2,500-5,500.  The efficiency will be the largest factor in determining the price of your furnace installation.

A furnace installation may possibly be delayed if some precautionary measures are taken throughout the life of your existing furnace.  Make sure to inspect and clean the unit at least annually.  Replace easily replaceable components such as flame sensors and igniter’s as needed.  If the furnace ever does need to be replaced, do some research.  Go online, ask friends, talk to neighbors, or call the local municipal office to find out who has done some great installation work in the past.