Forced Hot Air Systems


A forced hot air system is an adjustable system that warms a home to a desired temperature. You can also increase or decrease the amount of air that is flowing into certain portions of your home if you need certain spaces heated more than others. Central air conditioners work the same way as forced hot air systems as a way to cool off a home.

  • Forced hot air systems work by drawing air into return ducts and moving it to a fan area.
  • The air then becomes expelled into the heat exchanger, which is located within the furnace. This is where the air is warmed either by direct heating or indirect which means the air is heated by utilizing a process of heating water and then using that to heat the air.
  • Warm air is then forced into the ducts and back into the warm air registers that are located throughout a home.
  • Additionally some forced hot air systems include features such as a humidifier or air purifier. This essentially improves the indoor air quality of a home and may require heated air to pass through another system before being returned to the inside of the home.

You can contact a local HVAC company to consider an upgrade to a forced hot air system or to have routine maintenance performed on your existing system. Common repairs are sometimes needed within the blower portion of a furnace but usually parts, labor and repairs are generally very affordable. Never hesitate to call a professional when it comes to forced hot air systems.