Main Drain Line


When your drain is clogged, the problem lies somewhere in the main drain line. Smaller lines tend to clog more often than bigger ones, so, it may be one of those small lines nearest to the drain that is causing the problem. If you’re having a clog in more than one drain, your main drain line may be clogged.

This problem is stressful and confusing that can take too much of your time if you try to do it by yourself. Moreover, it can be hazardous to the health of your family, so, it’s better to call a reputable plumbing company immediately to solve it.

Before you fix the backed up main drain line, try the following first:

  • Use a plunger.
  • Try a drain snake.
  • In a clogged toilet, use an auger.
  • If your sink is clogged, pour baking soda mixed with vinegar.
  • As your last resort, try commercial drain cleaners.

All these can be purchased at your local hardware or other commercial stores.

Fixing your clogged main drain line:

If the problem still persists after using a plunger and an augur, it’s time to fix the main drain.

  • Locate the cleanout – It’s a disk that has a built-in square nut that can be turned to remove the plug. Look for the nearest cleanout connected to the clogged drain which is often under the sink.
  • Take out the clean-out plug – First, be ready with a bucket to catch any wastewater coming from the cleanout when you remove the plug.
  • Try a drain snake to remove the clog – Pour hot water while using the drain snake to breakup the clog.  If the water still runs slowly, use a plunger and a drain snake to take out the clog in the main drain line.
  • Use the house P-trap – After trying to fix the cleanout and it doesn’t work, find a house P-trap somewhere in the basement. It’s a U-shaped part of pipe found in the drain line having cleanout plugs. After removing the plugs, snake out the P-trap.

After trying all these remedies and if you still can’t remove the clog, it’s time to call a plumbing professional. The cost of clearing out a sewer line may be about $150 to $400. If pipe installation is included, the cost may be around $200 to $500. To save on cost, you can call a reputable plumbing company offering flat rate on materials and labor.