AC Drain Line Cleaning


Your AC drain line becomes clogged when there is a buildup of dirt and debris in your indoor coil. This happens when the dirt could get into your drain line due to lack of a filter in running the system. The dirt and dust are usually carried by the air making their way in your AC system. The dirt will start in a small amount, and eventually build up over time, and cause your drain line to clog.

When your drain is clogged, the water goes somewhere, and you will notice a leak in the drain line that can cause serious damage to your home. Another cause of clogging may be your failure to change the AC filter for a long time. To prevent this problem from getting worse, you need an emergency AC drain line cleaning done by a professional HVAC company at least once a year.

Signs that you need an emergency AC drain line cleaning

  • Your air conditioner has stopped working.
  • A water leak is coming from the ceiling or attic.
  • You will notice a stain on your ceiling.
  • There is moisture in some parts of your home.
  • The smell around your home becomes awful.

These are signs that you should call an expert to inspect the situation immediately, and make an emergency AC drain line cleaning as necessary. This way, you can prevent worse things than can happen like affecting your electrical system, staining your furniture, and causing damage to the structural system of your home.

Preventive measures to save your HVAC system

Make sure that you change your air filter at least every 30 to 60 days. Moreover, you should have a tune-up of your cooling system twice a year. During bad weather conditions, you should call a qualified HVAC technician to render an emergency AC drain line cleaning, and coil cleaning to prevent any dirt from accumulating, and prevent from making its way into your system.

If you’re worried that it’s too expensive to deal with professional HVAC companies, find a reputable company that can do the job efficiently. See if they offer a flat rate on materials and labor so that it enables you to save money on an emergency AC drain line cleaning.

If you’re a do-it-yourself enthusiast, try it if you think you can do it. However, if this is your first time, it’s better to let a professional to do it for you. This will save you from more problems, and more expenses.