Electric to Gas Conversions


With the ever rising cost of coal as a heating source, taking the step towards electric to gas conversions is an increasingly popular concept. At one point this option wasn’t a viable one as coal has always been the United States’ primary fuel. Today this is changing. Before making the change to gas, a property owner should understand both options and evaluate what would work best for their property as well as their wallet.

  • Electric to gas conversions can save money in the long term. There may be some initial startup investments to consider. If current equipment isn’t easily convertible then you may find yourself having to update parts of your HVAC system. Your furnace may be old and may not be able to make the switch without some updates or replacements. You may qualify for tax credits by making an update and this can sometimes cover the cost of the update.
  • Regulations and codes may be different, requiring updates in order to complete the conversion. There are many electrical and gas requirements that need to be met when a house is built. If changes occur, a home is usually safe because of when it was built but if an update or electric to gas conversions take place the process may need to be completed to current and updated code.
  • Is natural gas readily available in the general vicinity? If there is no current natural gas line to the home then this type of conversion will require some additional work to the property. Not only will a line need to be installed inside the home but the property will also need to tie in somewhere or have a tank installed and run to the home. Again, credits can be available based on where you live and the investment may be worth it.

Making the choice to consider electric to gas conversions can be a great option if you are looking to save money over many years. Contacting a local contractor who has experience with this type of installation will help you figure out what the initial investment may be and how much money you will be saving long term.