If you or your child dropped something down the toilet, what will you do? Don’t panic; you can try different do-it-yourself techniques in unclogging your toilet. A home repair can be applied to most clogged toilets and run it again efficiently within minutes, without making the bathroom flooded with dirty water for a long time. In most clogged toilets, you can’t clean the waste away when you flush the water. The level of water in the toilet bowl remains high, and usually drains within a few minutes.

If you dropped something down toilet, follow these tips to unclog:

  • Get a plunger, and began to gently plunge. Then, the next plunge should be hard forcing the air back.
  • Once you have forced the air out, plunge strongly in and out, make sure to maintain the seal. Thrusting this way forces the water in both directions of the drain which can loosen the clogs effectively. Repeat plunging up to 20 times as necessary keeping enough amounts of water in the bowl to keep the plunger covered with water.
  • If you notice that the plunger does not open the drain, you can use a drain snake that you can buy from any hardware store. This is also true when you can force the water out with a plunger, but still the toilet doesn’t flush well.
  • When somebody dropped something down toilet, you can also try a closet auger to clear the clog. It’s a special tool designed specifically to unclog the toilet bowl through its first bend, and spin the coil to get other objects like toys.
  • If the clog still persists in spite of all your efforts, you can try a major step – lifting up the toilet. This procedure may take several hours, and you have to disconnect the water supply. You have to disassemble the toilet partially, and unscrew its mounting ring. If you solve the problem, use new mounting bolts and a new wax ring to reseal the toilet bowl to the mounting ring.

In case other drains don’t work properly in your home, the problem may be lying in the main drainpipes. It’s now time to call a qualified plumber.

Professional plumbers are usually expensive, but you can be sure that if your kids dropped something down toilet, they can get it. They can make your bathroom back to its original look at a flat rate including materials and labor. Search them, and prove it yourself.