Drippy Faucet


Doesn’t everyone have a drippy faucet? Well, proabably true but sometimes, a drippy faucet has to be completely replaced. Usually if it’s an old fixture with more worn out parts then it’s worth fixing. On the other hand, you can usually stop the drip of your leaky faucet with simple repairs.

The way to go about fixing a drippy faucet depends on how your house is set up as well as what type of faucet you have. Here are some ideas to help you get started repairing the leak before it costs you both money in lost water and your sanity!

Determine how your house is set up – do you have a local shut-off valve for your faucet, or do you need to go to the main shut-off valve outside? Determine where you need to turn off the water supply, and make sure it is closed before working with the drippy faucet.

Compression Faucets

Unfortunately, not all faucets are created equal. While there are several types of faucets you could have, the most common one – and the easiest to fix on your own – is a compression faucet. For other types of faucets, you may want to call a plumber for professional help, as the parts are more complex.

  • Shut off water at the necessary location (by the sink or outside the house as necessary). Remove the handle or handles from the faucet. Typically, screws are located at the top or back of the handle and may be beneath a plastic or metal snap on or threaded cover. If the screw is too tight or rusted, you can use WD-40 to loosen it.
  • With the handle off, take out the nut from the faucet assembly, using pliers or a wrench. Don’t scar the metal, as this could lead to a loss of connectivity and strip out the threading.
  • The stem inside can be removed by twisting the same way you would the handle to turn the water on.
  • You’ll find a screw inside holding a washer in place. Remove the screw and the washer. Examine all parts for rust, damage, and other wear and tear. Anything that is not in top condition should be replaced, and this will likely fix the drippy faucet.

For most drippy faucets, repair is a simple task, with the right tools. Take a look at the inside of your faucet prior to calling for help so you can eliminate small problems yourself and save a few bucks on professional repairs.