AC Repairs


Common problems on your HVAC system can be done with practical DIY remedies. There are complicated AC repairs that may require the services of a professional. For efficient performance, you should clean the clogged filter of your a/c regularly, and have it replaced as necessary. Other simple defects that can affect the performance of your AC include a closed internal vent or leaking ductwork. Although they appear to be simple, you should let an experienced technician inspect them and perform AC repairs.

Do-it-yourself AC repairs

  • The system doesn’t cool – This may simply need cleaning. Turn off the AC power and the circuit found in the main electrical panel. Take out the protective grille from the compressor, and get a soft brush to carefully clean the fins with. Cover the motor and wires with plastic sheet, and spray the fins with water. Then, lubricate the motor sufficiently. After reassembling your unit, test it with the thermostat in off position.
  • AC doesn’t turn on – Inspect the electrical panel for a blown fuse or tripped breaker, and replace the fuse if necessary. Make sure that the power switch of the condenser is not in off position. Check the thermostat and if it’s faulty, call an AC repair technician.
  • Room temperature is either too hot or too cold – This could mean that the pump is not cycling normally, so, you should adjust the thermostat.
  • AC doesn’t blow air – Turn off, and access the blower by removing the front door of the air handler. Replace the belt of the motor pulley, and rotate it by hand. Check your maintenance manual if you can lubricate the fan and fan motor.
  • AC leaks water – Check the tubes. If one is leaking then replace it. Clean the condensate pump, and if it’s worn out, replace it. This could also mean that the ice is blocking the tube. In this case, clean or change your AC filter.

Cost of AC repairs

Prices vary from state-to-state and according to charges of different companies. They charge based on itemized list of materials and labor. In this aspect, it’s better that you look for a company that offers an all-in flat rate for materials and labor.

Although you can check some defects by yourself, it is highly recommended to get the services of a qualified AC repair technician to handle the job to make it more efficient and reliable.