Water System


If you’re looking for ways to save your hard-earned money, here’s a great tip for cutting energy costs. Install the right water heater in your home that fits the size of your household. An efficient water system can save money on utility bills, and decrease greenhouse gas emissions without affecting your lifestyle. Having an efficient hot water supply system in your property can add value to your home aside from giving you enough supply of water anytime you need it.

How storage hot water systems work:

  • In this system, hot water is stored in an insulated storage tank for use when you need it. This system operates on a gravity feed or mains pressure tank.
  • In the mains pressure, hot water is supplied in the same pressure to cold water. Therefore, you can turn on more than 1 outlet without affecting the water pressure.
  • In gravity feed or constant pressure, hot water is supplied at lower levels than mains pressure coming from a tank installed on your roof. Gravity feed systems are mostly found in older properties and homes that are not connected to the mains water.

How instantaneous water heaters work:

In this system, no storage tank is needed, and only the right amount of hot water required is heated. This system can be operated on natural gas, electricity or LPG. There are gas models available in this water system with either a pilot flame or electronic ignition to use. This is good for either mounting internally or externally.

Since instantaneous system heats the water while being used, you’ll not run out of hot water supply. You can fit instantaneous water heaters with sophisticated temperature controls, and controls that you can set to your desired water temperature. One thing that’s great with this system is – you can save energy because water is not overheated, and you don’t have to dilute it with cold water to achieve the desired heat.

Solar energy option

You can also use solar system which can provide you with free hot water by using the sun’s energy. However, one drawback of this option is that it costs more to buy and install a unit than other hot water supply systems, ‘though you can save a lot on energy and utility bills.

In choosing the best water system for your home, it’s best to consult a company offering flat rate on materials and labor to make everything perfect.