Toilet Installation


A toilet installation is a simple process that can only get expensive depending on the specific toilet chosen, on any finish work that must be undertaken to accommodate the new fixture or if there is any underlying damage that must be repaired.Economical toilets can be purchased in any bog box hardware retailer for under $100.

These toilets are perfectly serviceable and are ideal for workshops, basements or other areas where they will be subjected to dirt, grease and other such mistreatment.On the other end of the price scale are toilets that cost in hundreds of dollars. They offer sleek styling, significant comfort and extreme durability. There are even models that cost thousands of dollars that are manufactured from special materials or that perform various additional functions. Regardless of which make or model you choose, the toilet installation is fairly straightforward. The plumber will remove the old fixture, makes any necessary repairs to the floor or plumbing and install the new fixture. In addition, there may be cosmetic repairs that need to be performed on the floor or to any adjacent cabinetry or walls.

Most plumbers charge between $175- $425 to install a customer supplied toilet depending on how difficult it is to install.In general, toilets should be replaced and not repaired as they only have a limited useful life and are, on the lower end, extremely affordable.

The process is very easy and can be accomplished by almost anyone. On the other hand, a professional plumber will identify any potential problems and possibly save you money in the long run by avoiding a future leak.