Water Heater


Water heaters typically last six to twenty years. This depends on their construction and the amount of proper maintenance they receive. The constant exposure to water, dissolved minerals and heat eventually ruins them all. Therefore, a water heater replacement must be done.

Most homeowners consider the cost of a water heater replacement to be a bad thing. There is certainly an initial cost but all the news isn’t bad. Modern water heaters are far more efficient than their predecessors of even five years ago. The replacement of a 10, 15 or 20 year old water heater will provide greater, more reliable comfort at a far more affordable utility cost.

What It Costs for a New Water Heater:

A modern water heater replacement costs anywhere from a couple of hundred dollars for a small, low capacity unit to several thousand dollars for large, extra high efficiency models. The one you need depends on the climate in your area. It also depends on your average daily hot water needs and your financial situation. However, the average cost for a 40 gallon gas water heater installed is about $775 – $1,125 in Rhode Island. We recommend calling a couple of plumbing companies to get estimates on how much it will cost you. Nevertheless, a newer water heater replacement can and will generate significant savings on your monthly utility bill.

The tanks mentioned above all have a storage tank for holding the heated water. There is an alternative to this type of system, the tankless water heater. This system produces hot water on demand and the temperature can be customized for each individual use. It is an interesting alternative for homeowners that are interested in reaping the greatest efficiency from their appliance and the lowest monthly fuel bills.

In any case, the homeowner should recognize that the water heater replacement of aged and decrepit unit is actually an opportunity.  A knowledgeable plumbing contractor can give you more details and help you with any cost analysis calculations. An informed decision will reap rewards both financially and with greater comfort for years to come.