AC Repair


n the past, AC repair training course was not a major interest of men because they were focused on white collar jobs. Today with intensive use of AC in commercial and residential areas, this course has become popular. This is now a high paying job and a reputable profession. HVAC technicians also enjoy their skill because they can make it as another source of income aside from having another job in a company.

They can service the AC units of their friends, neighbors and other clients during their free time and at the same time, they can repair their own air conditioners. AC repair has a varying cost nowadays depending on the state, and the charges of different companies. The key to becoming an expert AC technician is to learn the varying cost of repair offered by companies, and the corresponding work to be done.

Variable price ranges of AC repair

  • No AC power or defective breaker – $95 to $144
  • Defective contactor – $114 to $271
  • Defective thermostat $122 to $162
  • Defective transformer $99 to $132
  • Tripping of circuit breaker – $95 to $144
  • Grounded compressor – $700 to $1,100
  • Fan does not run, defective fan motor – $248 to $337
  • Burned wire – $68 to $90
  • Defective capacitor – $123 to $164
  • AC fan runs but not the compressor, burned wire – $68 to $90
  • Clean condenser coil – $94 to $125
  • Defective compressor – $700 to $1,100
  • Defective blower motor – $275 to $385
  • Defective fan center – $179 to $239
  • Leaking water in unit – $77 to $102
  • Rusted evaporator coil pan – $800 to $1,200
  • Defective thermostat – $122 to $162

These prices vary from state-to-state and according to price charges of different companies.

How to choose the right AC repair company

While there are companies that offer separate cost of materials and labor, there are also companies that offer all in, flat rate including materials and labor. Flat rate is better because you can save more on the high cost of materials and labor. Moreover, you can be sure that their service is quality and guaranteed. They will not only inspect your AC unit but also give you an assessment first before they work on it.

The best thing to do is to have a keen knowledge of your air conditioning system so that even if you don’t want to do it yourself, you know what the technician is doing. This way, you can get the best value for your money on AC repair.