Copper Piping vs PVC


As you walk inside your home, you see some spots on the ceiling. You thought it was a leak on the roof, but you found out that it’s your copper pipe leaking. After inspecting the leak, you also find that it’s not a DIY job because there are 2 to 3 holes in the pipe, and another one is already corroded. Now, you intend to choose between copper piping vs pvc to change all your pipes.

But you’re bothered with the cost because perhaps copper is expensive. You’re right! It’s more expensive than pvc, and since you’re now thinking of replacing all your pipes with new ones, get ready with a bigger budget. After consulting with your trusted plumber, he tells you, “Don’t worry about the cost; we’re not eating up your purse. We’ll provide you with a flat rate including materials and labor, plus a good job.”

What plumbers prefer- copper piping vs pvc:

Copper Pros:

  • Copper is a metallic material that is light and durable for a long time.
  • Copper parts are corrosion-resistant with non-acidic water systems.
  • Copper is resistant to bacteria, fire and earthquakes.
  • Since its internal diameter is smaller than CPVC, you can fit it in smaller places.
  • Copper is safer, and has only a few health concerns than PVC.
  • While it can be ingested when the pipe is corroded, your body can expel it quickly. Nothing to worry on small amount of copper ingested.

Copper Cons:

  • When choosing between copper piping vs pvc, copper tends to corrode if your water is acidic. There are health cases like Alzheimer attributed to copper content in larger amounts. If your pipes are corroded, water could contain copper that may be ingested by your family.

PVC Pros:

  • Polyvinyl Chloride pipes contain vinyl polymer that are widely used by plumbers in various construction projects because they are durable, cheaper and easy to assemble.

PVC Cons:

  • PVC pipe is not applicable in all plumbing works because it can become toxic after heating. What is commonly used is the CPVC or Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride because it is safe for carrying hot water.
  • Extended exposure to chemical content of these pipes can be hazardous to your health.

When replacing your old piping system with a new one, it’s best to consult your regular plumbing service company which one to install – copper piping vs pvc. Your criteria should be based on cost, durability, flexibility and health hazards.