Clogged Toilet


Here is another question we get often and our opinion on how to fix it! 

“I have a clogged toilet. It somewhat flushes but it’s a really gentle flush and does not take the remnants with it. I tried using a plunger and that did not work. So, I bought a toilet auger but I can’t seem to get it to go more than 6 inches into the toilet. I tried to push it in by hand as opposed to turning the handle, this also did not work. What should I do now about my clogged toilet?”
In our opinion, you have three options on how to fix a clogged toilet:
1) Take a wet vac and try to suck out what ever maybe stuck in the toilet.
2) Take the toilet off and flip it upside down to see what maybe stuck in it and then use a wet vac to suck it out.
3) Just replace the clogged toilet.