Clogged Drain


Do you have a clogged drain? This is a problem many homeowners as well as renters face from time to time. It is a problem that requires immediate attention. If the clogged drain is not fixed right from the beginning it can become a costly repair.

Typical cost of clogged drain:

  • The charge for a clogged drain to be unclogged can vary greatly depending on what is exactly causing the clog and how easy it is to unclog the drain. However, the typical cost to fix a clogged drain ranges from $125 to $375.

Additional Costs:

  • If a toilet has to be moved to access a pipe. extra fees will be charged to cover the costs of possible breakage.
  • The cost of a wax ring may also be charged extra.

Here are Some Tips to Keep Your Drains Clean:

  • Pour boiling water and baking soda into the drain of your sink or bathtub periodically.
  • Pour baking soda followed by white vinegar every three months.
  • For tougher clogs you may need to use commercial drain openers. We suggest using the safety products recommended on the labels of these products to avoid injuries. Be careful because many products are acid based and can splash in your face causing serious burns or blindness.
  • Drain snakes may also need to be used for tougher clogs. This is why it is safer to call a licensed plumber for these types of clogged drains.