Clogged Drain


If you want to prevent a clogged drain and tree roots from getting in you sewer drain line, then we suggest using root killer. You can buy a root killer in any home improvement store. Follow the directions on how to use the root killer as to how often you should treat your clogged drain line.

But if you often have a clogged drain line… then this is what we would suggest using!

1) Most people first try to unclog the clogged drain themselves using a plunger or a snake.

2) Calling a plumber is always helpful because they will have a video camera to inspect the pipe and find out what was causing the clog.  If you find out the cause of the problem is tree roots then you have two options!

Option #1– If you want to slow or treat the problem and the plumber was able to get water to flow through the line, then you need to buy root killer at any home improvement store.  Again, follow the directions on the root killer as to how often you should treat your sewer drain.

Option #2–  If you want to stop the problem for good or you have no water flow, you then need to have the sewer line replaced by a licensed contractor.

We hope this sewer drain line tip was helpful to you when fixing a clogged drain!