Plumbing Contractors

After a few hours under a cramped sink or mired in waste water, many homeowners will finally admit defeat and call in a professional plumber. There is no shame in this but the prudent homeowner should take some time and care in choosing among the various local plumbing contractors.

The plumbing of your house is an integrated system. All components must work harmoniously or you will experience problems in another part of the system. Experienced plumbing contractors know this and understands the intricacies of performing a proper repair.

Here are some tips for finding reputable and affordable plumbing contractors.

Always request written confirmation of a state license. All plumbing contractors, regardless of their status, are required to have one. The Rhode Island’s Department of Labor and Training is where you can check on a Rhode Island plumber’s license. Anyone can fix a leaky faucet but more complicated problems require more professional help.

Obtaining proof of insurance is another necessity. Things can and do go wrong for even the most experienced plumbers. Unless your willing to foot the bill for any catastrophe that might occur, make this a priority.

Plumbing contractors often claim to be in business for ten, twenty or even fifty years. When true, it shows a dedication to the community and to high standards. It is valuable indicator to the stability and reliability of a company. Guarantees are worthless if the company doesn’t exist in six months.

Get a written estimate as to price and time. The sad truth is that everyone hears what they want to hear when they are negotiating the scope of work and the price. Memorializing the terms on paper will smooth out any discrepancies that occur later in the process.

Check references and the BBB, if possible. Any reputable plumbing contractor will have a list of satisfied customers. It only takes a few minutes to make a phone call and check on the plumbing company‘s performance.

Get more than one quote and be sure that you are asking each plumbing contractor to do the same work. Some plumbing companies include the cost of materials while others do not. Just be sure to compare apples to apples.

It’s easy to find a plumber if you’re related to one or if you’ve used one in the past. Finding one in a new town is a little trickier. Taking your time and following the steps above should significantly reduce your stress level and help you find any number of reliable and affordable plumbing contractors.