Hot Water Cylinder


When choosing the best stainless steel hot water cylinder, make sure that you pick one that is the latest model with a high specification grade. This model will resist all forms of corrosion, and its high mechanical strength will give you fantastic durability. The advanced technology used in welding procedures together with full post weld treatments will provide you with welds that are strong like the parent metal.

What you should know about a hot water cylinder:

  • The Slimline model can be your perfect option – If you have limited space to put the hot water cylinder but you prefer to install an unvented SST cylinder, you can purchase the Stainless Lite Slimline which can be your perfect solution. Aside from having solar options, they can also provide heat pump option.
  • They can maximize the hot water potential – The unvented stainless steel hot water cylinders are equipped with unique Gledhill diffuser that reduces the turbulence at the time that cold water flows by baffling the flow. This results in equal hot water output and capacity of the cylinder. The benefit that you get here is that the space occupied by the cylinder is only intended for the hot water cylinder storage. Therefore, all you need is a smaller hot water cylinder.
  • They can decrease heat loss – The latest model of hot water cylinder has zero ODP or Ozone Depletion Potential. Tests have proven that they can reduce heat loss at an acceptable level.
  • Their quality is guaranteed – One thing great here is that manufacturers of stainless steel hot water water cylinders offer 25- year guarantee for their products.

When you have decided to install a stainless steel hot water cylinder, make sure that you get one that is made in accordance with BS EN 12897. This is the standard specification intended for unvented water storage containers. A hot water cylinder has a label showing that it has passed quality control and has been tested by KIWA for technical approval. One more thing is that they should comply with specifications of Building Regulations and Water Regulations.

Getting a hot water cylinder is not a simple task because there are technical specifications required. If you make a mistake, you’ll not have a good flow of hot water. This is not a simple DIY job, so, you better ask the help of a licensed professional. To get good savings, look for a company that can provide flat rate on materials and labor.