Bathroom Faucet


The days are over when you simply go to a hardware store to buy a standard-size bathroom faucet. If you’re living in a modern lifestyle home and you prefer quality over a cheap priced faucet, it can take you some time to get the right one. The first thing you have to do is determine the size of the faucet you need. Then, you can search if it’s available in commercial shops.

You may be surprised that sometimes it’s challenging to get a faucet that is in the size you need. Some people have experienced this difficulty when they found out that most stocks in the market are 4 inch faucets while the one you need is a 6 inch faucet.

Possible ways to choose a bathroom faucet

  • Knowing how to pick the right faucet for your bathroom may be a tricky process for a lot of people who want to upgrade their bathrooms. Here are some tips to find a perfect size faucet: If you’re having a 1-piece deck plate, it means that your faucet measures 4 inches. If there are 3 separate pieces, you can be sure that it’s an 8-inch faucet. A faucet that has a single hole is sometimes installed in some homes, but this is not commonly used in bathroom sinks.
  • At times, you see the label “on center” on some faucets. This means that its measurement starts from the center of the faucet pipe to another.
  • Let’s assume that the bathroom faucet you’re trying to measure is already installed. If you think that it’s easier to measure it from the top, then, start from the middle of 1 handle towards the middle of the other. In case they are lever-type handles, measure how far is one screw of a handle to the other.·

For some, it may be easy to get the exact measurement of their faucets, but for first timers, it may be a bit difficult. The problem is that this process is not guesswork. So, if you make a mistake in getting the right size, returning the faucet to the shop may be another problem. In the worst case, you might even damage the new bathroom faucet if you try to force it into the pipe.

In order to get the work done perfectly, look for an expert plumber who can do the work well and who includes the installation as a flat rate along with materials and labor.