Annual Maintenance


Summer-like weather may seem to linger a day or two, here and there, but there are clear signs that Mother Nature is flipping the calendar page and rainy, brisk fall days are near leading ever-so-close to winter months.

The October landscape is ablaze with gorgeous autumn colors, and it’s time to shift gears and get your heating system ready for cold weather. Often we all fall into the habit of not bothering with annual maintenance thinking it’s unnecessary or hoping to avoid the expense, only to find that we’ve neglected the very systems in our home that provide the comfort we depend on every day.

Studies show that annual maintenance of your heating system by a professional licensed contractor actually saves you money in the long-run and will keep your heating equipment running.

Dependability is what we’re talking about, and favoring annual maintenance is key. Contact your friends at Emergency Response Plumbing and Heating to schedule your fall tune-up if you haven’t already.

In preparation for the change of season we’ve compiled an easy 5 step annual maintenance checklist for you:

  1. Schedule an annual tune-up with your local heating contractor.
    1. Your heating system will run far more efficiently if you follow this program every year.
    2. You’ll avoid costly repairs and the inconvenient breakdown of your heating equipment.
    3. You’ll extend the life of your valuable boiler, furnace or ductless system.
  2. Contact your local plumber to winterize your outside hose faucets and, if you have one, close down your pool cabana.
    1. (Don’t forget your sprinkler systems and remember to place a heater in your pond if you have one too!)
  3. Contact your local heating contractor to install a digital setback clock thermostat.
    1. Control the temperature in your home while itís unoccupied.
    2. You’ll save on energy costs.
    3. Weekday/weekend settings can customize your comfort.
  4. Seal/caulk around exterior windows and doors to prevent the escape of heated air or the intrusion of outside air.
  5. Check the insulation in your attic.
    1. Over time insulation may need to be replaced. You’ll be surprised by the difference in energy efficiency.

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