Boiler Service


The proper functioning of your home boiler is essential to the comfort and safety of the inhabitants as well as to the affordability of your boiler. A thorough boiler service at the appropriate time is essential to maintaining this function. Boiler service should be preformed when a lack of performance is noticed, when unusual sounds are heard or if any problems are noticed during the troubleshooting stage detailed below.


Typically, a boiler service falls into two broad categories; routine maintenance and repair. Routine maintenance should be performed at the beginning of the heating season and at its conclusion to properly winterize the unit for the summer.

Some of the more routine maintenance functions are:

  • Check that the pressure gauge is not stuck
  • Check the pilot light is steady
  • Examine gas joints for leaks
  • Check seals on exhaust vents for leaks
  • Ensure proper “back drafting” on top of boiler

DIY Boiler Service

A reasonably skilled do-it yourself homeowner can perform most of the routine troubleshooting functions and can solve the vast majority of the problems. There are a wide variety of resources that detail the proper troubleshooting and repair techniques. Simple step by step guides are available in bookstores and on the Internet.

Troubleshooting and repair is relatively easy and saves money. It is imperative, however, that the repairs be done correctly as poorly performed repairs can have significant safety and health ramifications. Poor combustion or badly sealed exhaust vents can lead to a buildup of CO and badly joined gas pipes can result in a gas leak.

Professional Boiler Service and Repair

Some repairs are best left to a trained and licensed heating contractor to perform. Some of the more complex procedures such as pump replacement or the adjustments of the burners as they have the correct equipment to optimize the performance of the unit. In addition, they can test the equipment at the end to ensure that there are no safety of health issues.