Boiler Service


It is so important to keep up with your boiler service as they can become very dangerous and up your risk for carbon dioxide poisoning. It is recommended that you have you schedule a boiler service annually. Before you allow any serviceman into your home, it is good idea to educate yourself on what you should expect during a boiler service. So here’s a list of what should go on during a good boiler service so you know what to look for:

  • Your serviceman should look over your boiler to make sure it is up to date with current standards.
  • The boiler should be fired to make sure all parts are in working order.
  • All components checked including burner, main injector, heat exchanger etc.
  • Check over flue terminals as well as internal components
  • The gas valve should be adjusted
  • Boiler parts as well as inside casing should be cleaned if necessary
  • Checked for gas leaks

While not all boilers are the same, this list covers the basics for any boiler. You should expect a technician to check or adjust any of these thing when you are having boiler service. Just like every other appliance in your home, your boiler requires attention to continue functioning, as we all know how inconvenient it can be when things don’t function properly! Maintaining every aspect of your home is important but especially your boiler for not only your comfort, but your safety as well.