Boiler Replacement


Boilers are important for everyone home, but they tend to be quite expensive. If a boiler breaks down, we pray to whoever will listen to ensure it is not expensive and will be running again in no time. However, there are those times when new parts and praying to the boiler gods will just not help. The only option remaining is a boiler replacement.

The costs associated with a boiler replacement can vary greatly depending on the brand purchased, how large the boiler is, and other factors. For example, if the boiler being replaced is over 20 years old, there is a good chance that some modifications will be made to fit a newer model. Another main factor in determining the price of the boiler replacement is how efficient you want the boiler to be.  The more efficient the boiler is the higher the boiler replacement cost is because the boiler itself and the materials are more expensive to purchase for the heating contractor.


Do not just pay for the first boiler you find! Get at least three estimates for your boiler replacement. You should decide on features of your boiler prior to getting estimates. This way all the estimates you get are accurate prices and make it easy for you to compare and contrast the heating contractors themselves. When your considering features think of things like, fuel source, how efficient, what brand, etc… This will provide you with an opportunity to compare prices and determine which one is more affordable and best fits your needs. Depending on what kind of boiler you get, either electric, oil, gas, and so on, the price is going to be different.


Budgeting to replace the boiler is one thing, but do not forget to budget for the boiler installation as well. Unless you are a master at boiler installation, most likely, you will need assistance from a professional heating contractor. When requesting your estimates have the boiler installation contractor list out what you will get for their price. For example, make sure the heating contractor is pulling a permit with the city. Expect the estimates to fall in the $3,800-$8,800 price range.  Again many factors and variables go into the price of your boiler replacement. For example, how is easy is it to remove your old heating system and properly get it disposed of? Look for a licensed heating contractor that is the most professional and best at their job. Poor installation of a boiler will decrease the overall effectiveness of the boiler. It will also break down a lot quicker. Good luck with your research and decision making!