Boiler Repair


We’re all tired of being nickeled and dimed. Banks charge us to withdraw our own money and cellphone companies raise prices almost daily. But when it’s time for your boiler repair, reputable companies itemize charges thus keeping the repair costs transparent. Here’s a breakdown of some common boiler repair charges.

Labor. Companies usually charge a per hour fee. Occasionally, though, they will have a fixed labor fee for routine repairs. Make sure you understand the difference when looking over your estimate.

Seasonal repairs. Plain and simple: if your boiler needs work in the middle of winter expect to pay more for your repair. More demand means more work so companies are less likely to cut you a break. Routine maintenance can catch simple issues before they become emergencies.

Parts. Companies have to pay for parts which means they pass this cost on to you. Again, your estimate should have an itemized list of parts; check this list against your final bill and ask questions if they don’t match up.

After hours. Expect to pay more if you call after business hours. If it can wait until the next business day you could save some money on the repair.

Most HVAC companies offer yearly maintenance contracts to ensure your boiler systems are running properly before the colder weather sets in. These contracts, which often include 10 or 15 percent off any needed repairs, pay for themselves throughout the year especially if your system is older. Ask your local boiler repair company about their maintenance programs versus repair costs; you might be surprised how much money you can save.