Boiler Repair


When your boiler breaks in your house it can cause water to leak and potentially damage your flooring. In addition, carbon monoxide can spread throughout your indoor air and put you and your family in danger. Scheduling a routine maintenance check for your boiler as well as keeping an eye out for a couple of factors is essential. These tips below can help you prevent an expensive, costly and dangerous boiler repair.

Boiler Repair Signs:

  • Leaks that occur with boilers usually begin as a very small, almost unnoticeable drip at the base of the unit. Over time this leak will become worse and eventually the boiler will break. It’s important to keep an eye out for small leaks that can be repaired early on before a bigger problem occurs.
  • Boilers also make odd sounds when sludge and minerals build up inside, causing the water to distribute unevenly. Hissing or vibrations indicate that water is trapped in the sludge and is heating more rapidly than it should be. This progresses to knocking noises when the warmed water mixes with the cold water. Water can also become trapped around the area where the heat exchanger is, which can make a number of different noises.

Scheduling routine maintenance for your boiler in addition to periodically checking around the unit yourself can help you spot necessary a boiler repair early on, before the problem escalates and causes destruction in your home.