Boiler Installation


So you’ve determined that you need a new boiler for your heating system. Now the big question: how much will boiler installation cost?  That can depend on a few different factors.

  • Are you just going to replace your current boiler with the same efficiency or are you going to upgrade to a higher efficiency model?  Just like furnaces boilers come in different efficiency levels. If your old boiler was really old then maybe any efficiency at all will be an improvement.  Talk to your boiler installation contractor to weigh your options.
  • Will you need a new chimney liner?  If you’re replacing a really old boiler, you’re probably going to need a new chimney liner. The cost of a chimney liner can vary significantly depending upon the fuel source. A chimney liner for a natural gas boiler installation is typically more than one for a fuel oil boiler. You will need to have a chimney company replace the liner if one is necessary since most heating contractors will not do this work because it is not their speciality.
  • Where do you live?  Obviously, the climate in your location will help to determine what kind of boiler you will need.  Beyond that, most localities require a mechanical permit and inspection.  Of course, that mechanical inspection comes with a fee.  That fee may be $75 or more, depending upon the locality.
  • Are you going to need an old fuel tank removed?  Depending upon where the old fuel tank is located and the difficulty in removing it, will be what determines the cost for removal. However, typically the removal of an old fuel tank can be an additional charge of $350-$750.

Boiler installation pricing can be quite shocking it ranges from $3,800 – $8,800.  Though replacing your boiler can’t necessarily be avoided, you can slow how soon it becomes a necessity with yearly maintenance and inspection on your current boiler.  If you do need to replace your boiler do some research.  Go online and research what boiler installation may cost in your area.  Make sure to ask about all of the incidental little fees like chimney liners, inspections, permits, and disposal.  When asking for estimates have the heating contractor include all the little extra fees in one boiler installation price therefore you will not have any “extras” at the end of the job to pay for.  Feel free to call your local municipal office and discuss what is required in your area and what would be recommended.  They may even be able to suggest a local heating contractor that