Blocked Drain


A blocked drain can be more than an inconvenience – it can lead to a complete disaster. Sometimes, the drain can emit a distinctly unappealing smell, and in these cases, it is pertinent to get it cleared as quickly and efficiently as possible.

While it can be beneficial to contact a professional plumber to unclog your drain, it is also important to know how to do it yourself, should the need arise in an emergency situation. Sometimes, this may only be a temporary solution but will get you by until your local plumber can assess the situation and make repairs.

Self-Clearing of Blocked Drains:

In the case of a typical blockage from grease or other materials coating the drain or trap beneath the sink, you can use over the counter cleaners, meant to eat away at the thickened material. Most of these clogs are caused by pouring substances down the drain that should be put in the trash. For example, grease, while thin while hot, coats the pipes and hardens as it cools, especially as cool water washes over it. This can block the drain, and you will need a chemical to remove the clog.

In other cases, you may need a drain snake to go in and root out the problem. You can buy a snake or rooter at the local plumbing supply store and these will probably work for smaller jobs. However for larger jobs, you’ll want to contact a plumber who does drain cleaning, since they have several options, including commercial rated drain snakes for all size jobs and drain jets that can help remove any substance that may get in the way of proper drainage.

Sewer Drain Clogs:

A blocked drain that leads to sewers can back up in your pipes and cause gases and fumes to build up in your home. This can, at best, be unappealing and, at worst, become toxic to your environment. You should always get in touch with a professional plumber to help clean drains leading to sewage to avoid potentially sickening chemicals and gases from reaching your home.

With a blocked drain, you have a number of do it yourself options, as well as the ability to contact a skilled plumbing contractor who can quickly and effectively remove the blockage and get your drains running again.