Mini Split Air Conditioning


Homes change over time. Physical additions are made, the household members change and rooms are used for different purposes. Each of these changes presents a problem for the existing air conditioning system. Sometimes, the need for cool air is lessened and a simple rerouting of a vent can accommodate the homeowner. In most cases, however, the demands on the system are increased and the existing air conditioner is just not up to the task. In these cases, the addition of a mini split air conditioning can be an affordable and excellent solution to the problem.

What is a Mini Split Air Conditioning System?

A mini split air conditioning is merely a smaller version of your traditional AC unit designed to cool a specific area of your home or office. Just like a traditional AC system, the mini split is comprised of a condenser that sits outside and an internally mounted evaporator. The two are connected by small refrigerant lines.

Benefits of a Mini Split Air Conditioning System:

  • Affordable to purchase
  • Cuts operating expenses
  • No expensive ducting necessary
  • Minimal intrusion on the living space
  • Quiet and aesthetically pleasing

A mini split air conditioning system is compact, efficient and good looking. In addition, the installation is quick, easy and non intrusive. In most cases, no ductwork is required and a single 3” hole will accommodate all the other connections. Most importantly, they are affordable to purchase and, with one, a home owner can cool a single space in a home and reduce operating expenses. In many cases, a mini split air conditioning is the ideal choice to deal with the various needs of a continually changing home.