Gas Heating


Shelling out $10,000 for a new gas heating system for your home sounds a bit crazy; but don’t panic because you can find affordable heating systems using gas in the market today. Whatever size or type of home you have, you can surely find the right gas system that you need. They are available in different configurations and designed for different types of homes and climates. Gas-fueled heating systems are very popular in the U.S. because of the benefits that they provide.

Using natural gas to heat your home is convenient, safe, affordable and reliable. The average cost of using oil to heat your home is about $1,900, while heating with gas costs only $780. Several gas utility companies offer rebates of up to $500 when you shift from oil to gas.

Why gas heating for homes is highly-recommended:

  • As compared to other fuels like oil and coal, the source of natural gas is from underground pipelines. Therefore, you’ll never run out of fuel to heat your home even in winter when the roads become impassable.
  • Natural gas is clean whether it is used to run a water heater, a furnace, a fireplace or appliances. There is no unpleasant odor, stain or ashes in using gas heat.
  • It’s environmentally friendly because its only byproducts on gas combustion are carbon dioxide and water vapor, so, it does not damage the environment when you use it.
  • A gas heating system is a cost efficient form of home heating. Comparing it with appliances that run on electricity, gas-run appliances cost less in energy while performing the same tasks.
  • You get heat instantly, and you can control the temperature completely. It is even more cost effective to heat a spa or pool with a gas heater than an electric heater.
  • A gas heat system is an added value to your home that attracts home buyers. If you happen to sell your home, buyers know the benefits of being connected to the gas pipeline. They can install a spa, a heated pool, or barbecue if they want to.
  • As compared to oil heat, gas heat emits 23 percent less carbon dioxide.
  • Propane gas is also known to be a clean and cost effective means of heating your home.

If you’re worrying about the cost of installing a new gas heating system, search the web first and compare the prices. You may be able to find a local and reputable company that offers a flat rate on materials and labor.