Forced Hot Water Systems


A lot of people who move in to a new home are not familiar with forced hot water systems. They think that they are similar to forced air heat, and their function is the same. As you continue reading, you’ll find out the differences between them and the benefits that you can derive from hot water systems when the weather is so cold.

Why forced hot water systems are popular

  • They heat up more slowly – As compared to a traditional forced air system, forced hot water takes much longer to heat up your home, especially during cold season.
  • They produce more even water heat – This means that you’ll have more evenly heated water in your home. Your boiler is zoned unlike in the case of a forced air system. This means that you’ll have the same level of comfort upstairs and downstairs.
  • Forced hot water systems have a longer life than forced air systems – If you maintain them regularly, you can expect your boiler to last for 30 years as compared to a forced air furnace that could only last between 15 and 20 years.
  • There is no difference in requirement for fuel – Since higher water pressure increases the boiling point of water, you can expect higher temperatures maintained without steam in the radiator. Moreover, you can even use smaller radiators.
  • Even remote areas of your home can be controlled – Since your home is zoned, the temperatures of each room can be controlled individually. You can supply remote areas like your garage, workshop, or even a small greenhouse with controlled heat.
  • They are compact – Because of their size, they can be installed anywhere in your home like a closet, utility room, or other similar spaces at the first floor. You can increase its heating capacity if you extend your house.

How forced hot water systems work:

In this system, a small booster forces the hot water into the pipes towards the room radiators. A one-pipe system makes a full circuit from the boiler and back, while a 2-pipe system works with 2 pipes or mains. Here, one pipe brings the heated water to your room heating units, while the other one returns the cooled water into the boiler.

Installing forced hot water systems is not a DIY job because it is complex. It’s much better if you ask the help from a reputable company offering flat rate on materials and labor.