Bathtub Drain Repair


The first impulse that a homeowner takes into action is to call a plumber when he/she encounters a bathtub drain repair. Keep in mind that whether you own a home or rent, you should have some knowledge on DIY drain repair. It’s not practical to call a professional every now and then for simple things that you can do by yourself.

In repairing the drain of your bathtub, you can’t be sure that it would be the last time that you’ll be doing it. In the case of clogs, they are normal especially if you have falling hair. Aside from hair strands, there are other particles that can clog your drain like dust, dirt and tiny insects. When you do a bathtub drain repair, make sure that you already know what to do before you start to prevent damage and serious problems.

Tips on DIY bathtub drain repair stopper

  • Take out the 2 screws from the trip lever plate, and secure them so they won’t fall down the drain.
  • Get the plunger, and hook it at the end of a linkage rod. Then use pliers to pinch it closed. Make sure that the plunger doesn’t slip off.
  • After loosening the locknut, lengthen the linkage by about ¼ inch in order to rotate the plastic fitting.
  • Fill your tub with a small amount of water, and close the faucet. Check if the water does not drain in the tub. Once it drains, take out the overflow plate, extend the linkage some more and reinstall it.

Bathtub drain repair – How to get rid of rust!

If you look at the rust on the surface of the drain, it appears flat. But if you look closer, you’ll notice that it’s beginning to form a mountainous mass. That rust on top can be easily removed by just using a wire brush or steel wool. Scrape it with a little pressure, and it would be removed from your shower drain eventually.

You can remove the rust through natural way instead of using toxic chemicals that can harm the finish of your bathtub, and make it look worse than a little rust appearing on the drain. Instead, you can use an all natural solution in the form of white vinegar and lemon juice. If you think you can’t do the bathtub drain repair, call a professional that offers a flat rate on materials and labor.