Drain Repair


Are you tired of fighting with the drain in your bathtub to pry it open or keep it from leaking when you close it? If you have to stuff something in or around the drain to keep the water in the tub, or you can’t seem to get the plug open so it will drain, it’s probably time to replace it. Perhaps the only thing that is daunting about bathtub drain repair is that it is a moving mechanism, but with a few helpful plumbing tips to get you going, you should be able to replace the pop up drain and complete your bathtub drain repair in no time.

Out With the Old
  1. To remove your old pop up drain, make sure the level has the drain in the open position and take out the screws that hold down the cover plate. Pull the whole thing out just a bit.
  2. You can wiggle the plug to remove the bottom assembly, which should make it start to slide out pretty easily, though some require a great deal of work, especially if it’s clogged or rusted in place.
  3. Take off the cover plate, as well as the level and the link that goes through the overflow drain. Set everything to the side and inspect for broken and worn connections. Hopefully, it will be in good shape and you can use these parts for bathtub drain repair as you install the new pop up.

In With the New

  1. Reassemble the pieces – cover plate, lever, and new pop up drain – and drop the link into the overflow drain with the system intact (be careful, it’s easy to mess this part up if you aren’t!).
  2. Reconnect the drain plug to the new apparatus and wiggle the whole thing back in place, securing the cover plate with screws.
  3. Test the new pop up drain by opening and closing more than once.
  4. Perhaps the most important part of bathtub drain repair is to caulk around the drain to assure the assembly is sealed. Wipe off any extra caulk to maintain good appearance.
A bathtub drain repair is a fairly simple task to complete with straightforward instructions and parts. Still, if you come to a point you are unsure, feel free to call a plumber for backup! It’s never a bad idea to have a plumber’s number on hand in case of emergency.