Bathroom Plumbing


Many people have the habit of looking for solutions when the problem already exists. This may be a big issue, and can cost you more when you cannot use the facility for sometime until a repair is done. This is also true in bathroom plumbing where you have to call an emergency service to repair a leaking pipe. If it happens during the night or on a weekend, you can be sure that you’ll pay more.

The trick is to prevent this from happening to you. This can cause stress, irritation and higher expenses in the long run. You can make an inspection of your facilities to find out if there’s a small leak in your pipes before they suddenly burst. You may not be an expert plumber or know the right thing to do when there’s a leak, but at least you can immediately spot what’s wrong. You can shut off the main valve and tie the pipe with a rubber until the plumbing service comes.

Things to know about bathroom plumbing

For many years, your tubing may gradually corrode, rust, and decay. Unless you do something to prevent this, you might experience a leak to happen at anytime. The worst thing is to have a flood of water in your home before you discover the leak. Here are some tips for you to follow to save your money and belongings:

  • Don’t let your water pipe freeze overtime – During the winter when the water is not being used the pipes will most likely freeze. This will not happen if water is moving. Another bathroom plumbing solution is installation of a frost-free hose bib that will allow you to turn off the water, which is close to the inside of your home to prevent freezing. In case your pipe is already frozen, leave the faucets open until the water flows. You can also insulate the whole piping area against very cold weather.
  • Inspect your exposed pipes regularly – Once you see rusting, buckling or dripping of water, you know that something is wrong. A routine check can give you peace of mind away from damaging your valuables.

A bathroom plumbing disaster can cause you to spend $4,000 – $10,000 for replacement of old pipes that will also require cutting of your walls and floors. To avoid this, get an expert bathroom plumbing contractor that charges a flat rate on materials and labor to replace your old exposed pipes before anything happens.