Bathroom Art


The artistic mind will never stop imagining and designing. In the midst of every artist’s vision for comfort and style in the bathroom, these creations spawned forth in mind and presented on the drawing board by professional decorators. Inspired by different cultures or by plain objective simplicity and functionality, these designs give the bathroom some freshness to all the senses. The bathroom art themes have specific kinds of ambiances and purposes, but all of these have one thing in common: beauty. Following a motif, these bathroom art designs can definitely take a day’s stress away one bath at a time.

1. Japanese inspired baths are all about tranquility and serenity, being influenced by harmony with nature and elements, cleansing the mind and accepting what is. This Zen inspired bath reflects the calm nature of Japanese culture. Identifiers of this theme are the paper shoji windows, wood decor and the pebble washed walls of the soaking tub.

2. Opposites meet and complement one another as this contemporary minimalist sink design creates a contrast by mixing white and black, straight and curved, intricate and simple. This design is a bold statement for pulling off intricate sculptures complimenting with the plain simplicity of two opposite colors and simple objects creating a clear open space inside the bathroom.

3. Up next is a cabin inspired bathroom. From the amount of lacquered wooden panels, to the straight, no nonsense white marble walls built for functionality and storage, this bathroom art design is all about practicality and plain, natural aesthetics. The warm color tones of wood accents with the satin chrome polishing and the white walls create a sense of wideness inside the bathroom. Every part of this bathroom contrasts each other. The mirror is also worth noting. It brought contrast to the stark, straight edge design by having no consistent shape. It balances out the lines filling in majority of fixtures in this bathroom.

4. Timeless old world charm is manifested in this Mediterranean bathroom art design. From the Hellenistic wares to the modern water filled amenities in white, this recreation of history can be traced back to the epic poetry of Homer, describing the nobles’ baths like personal havens of fine marble, sculptures and artisan crafted furniture. These marble walls provide the bathroom the kind of aesthetic quality celebrated since antiquity. This bathroom art design is conceptualized by combining historical culture with modern style, thereby creating a sense of luxury.

5. Lastly, this bathroom art design is the most playful in terms of mixing textures, unconventional, but pleasing lighting. It is inspired by nature, as it has every factor you can find on a mountain or a valley. The fixtures were positioned in such a way to maximize space in the middle. Stained wood accents compliment and contrast the white walls, the vanity is over-sized, the clear shower door is slanted outwards the stone cuttings. In terms of variety in one place, this design hits the nail. The lighting is also noteworthy, ambient lighting was used behind the stone cuttings to provide more depth and contrast to the bathroom’s overall feel.

Investing in the bathroom’s look is a wise investment to make the most private place at home more comfortable, stylistic and stress relieving. Most people take the bathroom for granted. Renovating the bathroom will not only please you, but also, to all the guests you receive in your home. Remember, in choosing a bathroom design, pick what is most suited depending on who you are living with. If you live with an elderly person, do not forget to install rubber mats and other objects related to safety.

About the Author: Adie Sotelo is a contracted writer for PremiereVanities. A specialty store dedicated to proving our customers with a great selection, competitive pricing and unparalleled customer service.