Basement Bathroom


Are you looking to install a basement bathroom and you’re having issues? This is a very common problem caused by the plumbing being placed too far away to connect the pipes. Well, despite what you may think, there is a solution to your problem. The basement bathroom you have been hoping for is not as farfetched as it may seem.

The solution to your problem is known as Saniflo, the producer of the Upflush Toilet System. Saniflo allows you to install a bathroom practically anywhere, not only the basement but also under the stairs, in a tiny closet or in the garage.

How it works:

Unlike most toilets which depend on gravity to get rid of waste the Saniflo uses a macerator pump which pulverizes all waste matter in the toilet and sends it through a standard pipe into the septic or sewer system. The Saniflo takes the place of the primary sewage system and the septic or sewer becomes the secondary stop. The macerator in the Saniflo is so powerful that it can be installed up to 15 below the sewer line and 150 feet away from the soil stack and still effectively get rid of the sewage. That is what makes it possible to install a basement bathroom regardless of where your plumbing is located.

Every time you flush the toilet the macerator will automatically activate. It takes just 4 seconds for the waste to be liquefied and 7-9 seconds for the entire process to be completed. Once the system is finished the macerator will deactivate and be fresh and ready for the next use.

The Saniflo system can be connected to and discharge gray water from other sanitary fixtures in the basement bathroom such as a bidet, sink, bathtub, shower and washing machine. For a shower and tub you will need a base constructed for the installation of a P-trap and required ¼” per foot gravity flow to the unit. A washing machine will require an indirect connection.

The Saniflo may sound too good to be true and yet it gets even better. This toilet is more economical than a standard toilet and is hassle-free. It uses just 1.2 to 1.6 USG per flush and takes maximum 9 seconds for a complete process to conclude. This insures minimal power consumption. The toilet can be installed on top of a finished floor, without breaking the concrete, and since waste is pumped through a standard sized pipe only minor construction is necessary.

Easily improve the quality of your life and home. Enjoy the beautiful basement bathroom you have been dreaming about!

Guest Author: Aliza Soko

Aliza Soko is a kitchen and bath professional who also writes the home and décor blog for Quality Bath. Aliza’s extensive background in the kitchen and bath industry allows her to assist her clients in creating the homes they have always dreamed of.