Baseboard Heating


Question– “Hello, I recently had a central air/heat unit installed in my house. I had baseboard heating all throughout my home before. I have 3 eight foot baseboards, 1 five foot, 2 four foot, 2 3 foot, and 2 two foot baseboard heating. I am pulling these baseboard heating elements out and am just wondering if you think they would be worth any money or not. They are 1000/750 watt and 240/208 volts”
Answer- We only install new materials therefore we wouldn’t know the value of these baseboards however you may want to consider listing them on Craig’s List to see what you could get for them.  If your looking for what they are worth to know how much to charge someone for them then consider checking with your local scrap metal company for what they would give you for them and then you would know that you could get more than that if sold them in a personal transaction.