Furnace Maintenance


In a colder climate, having a properly working furnace can make all the difference in the world when it comes to staying comfortable in your home.  Furnace maintenance is crucial to keeping your furnace running well throughout the cold winter months.  What should be done to avoid potential problems?  Here are a few tips to get you through the winter:

  • Replace the filter:  The most basic, and perhaps most important, aspect of furnace maintenance is replacing the filter.  Some filters boast that they don’t need to be replaced for 90 days.  Ideally, the filter should be replaced every 60-90 days.  More replacements may be necessary if a bunch of dust is stirred up in the home such as drywall sanding.
  • Clean the furnace:  Cleaning out the operating surfaces of the furnace will help ensure proper operation.  A standard household vacuum should do the trick.  Don’t get overly aggressive cleaning and disconnect wires or other important components.  If your furnace has a flame sensor take some emery cloth and buff the sensor surface gently, particularly if soot and discoloration is visible.  This may prevent a future problem.  Most heating and cooling companies offer contracts for annual furnace cleaning and furnace maintenance.  Don’t forget about the duct work.  Hot air passes through the ducts on the way to keeping your home warm.  On its way that air will pick up any dirt and dust and distribute it throughout your home.
  • Keep spare parts handy:  You may want to keep some easily replaced parts such as igniters and flame sensors handy just in case they fail at some point.  Rest assured that if a problem occurs it will occur on the coldest day of the year probably during non-business hours.  If that happens you will need to call an emergency service heating company.  Keeping some easily replaced spare parts handy could save you time and definitely money.

Furnaces are typically taken for granted until something goes wrong and you’re literally out in the cold.  Some simple furnace maintenance can prevent that from happening and keep your home warm and comfortable.