Boiler Maintenance


Boilers can be a vital part of a home’s heating system.  In order to keep the boiler running smoothly and as efficiently as possible, annual boiler maintenance is absolutely essential. Some simple things need to be checked out at least on a yearly basis.  Some of the basic things that need to be checked on are:

  • If a gas unit, make sure that no leaks are present:  Gas leaks can be extremely dangerous.  Be sure to check for gas leaks around all joints.  A great way to do this is to apply soapy water around all joints along the gas pipeline.  If the water bubbles then a leak is present and the unit needs to not be operated until the leak is fixed.  The leak needs to be fixed immediately.
  • Check the pressure gauges:  Make sure that all gauges are within proper operating limits.  If they are reading something outside of normal limits then investigate what would cause the readings to be outside of normal.
  • Check safety devices:  Safety is the primary objective of boiler maintenance.  Make sure that all safety devices are present and in good working order.
  • Inspect supporting brackets:  Look at all brackets supporting the boiler and make sure that they are not bent or rusted.  Ensure that the boiler sits stably on its supports.
  • Look at the flu:  Inspect the flu for proper operation to allow for the removal of dangerous byproducts of combustion.
  • When in doubt, consult the professionals:  If you doubt your abilities, don’t hesitate to contact a professional heating contractor to inspect the boiler and advise you of any potential boiler maintenance issues.

A boiler is a critical part of the home heating system.  Boiler maintenance needs to be performed regularly, at least annually, to maintain a safe and efficient home heating system.