Air Conditioning Maintenance


Is your air conditioner not working as well as you’d like? Are you suffering from steep energy bills attempting to keep your house at a comfortable temperature? The solution may be simpler than you think. Without regular air conditioning maintenance, your appliance loses 5% of its efficiency every year. Don’t worry if you’ve put it off too long, though. With proper air conditioning maintenance, you can usually bring your unit back to top shape.
So how should you go about air conditioning maintenance? It may be tempting to see if you can do it yourself, but because the evaporator and the condenser are both sealed, it’s best to get a professional in as soon as possible. They’ll be able to do an inspection to see what the problem is and help you understand what the best method of action is.

But What if I Can Access My Unit?

Attempting to maintain your own air conditioning unit may end up causing problems in the long run, considering some parts are delicate or require special cleaning methods.

You could:

  • Cause or worsen leaks
  • Expose yourself to freon, a dangerous chemical
  • Put the unit back together improperly
  • Damage the fins on the compressor

But My Air Conditioner Is Fine!

Even if you haven’t had any problems with your unit, it’s important to make sure you get regular air conditioning maintenance.

Don’t forget:

  • Without regular maintenance, you’re losing efficiency
  • You may not even realize your energy bills are going up
  • Your air conditioner may seem fine, but not be at peak potential

When Should I Get My Air Conditioner Maintained?

The short answer is before the hotter months come. You want to make sure to get air conditioning maintenance before you start using it. Schedule an appointment as soon as possible because sometimes the hot months sneak up on us.

You should also get your air conditioner maintained if:

  • You suspect a freon leak
  • Your air conditioner runs but doesn’t cool the house
  • Your foundation has shifted

What Will a Professional Do?

Some things that a professional might do for your maintenance are:

  • Clean your evaporator
  • Maintain your condenser
  • Check your refrigerant
  • Check for leaks
  • Replace old hoses

How Much Will It Cost?

Generally, it should cost you about $80. But remember that you’ll be saving on energy bills and your unit will last longer. In the long run, you’re saving.