Air Conditioning Maintenance


With the cost of energy on the rise and regulations more strict coming from the EPA, the cost of air conditioning maintenance is increasing drastically, and this could be a concern for you as a homeowner as the spring turns to summer and heat waves begin. How do you know you’re getting a good deal on air conditioning maintenance? What should it really cost?
One of the most important things you can do for your system is to have a regular tune-up. This part of air conditioning maintenance keeps all parts clean and in good repair so they last longer and are more efficient. Remember, the more efficient your AC system runs, the less costly your electric bill will be.
There are plenty of ways to save on this part of your maintenance is to look for specials. Having a tune-up on your ac or basic air conditioning maintenance done should cost between $125- $175. Especially just before the beginning of peak season, you’ll find that local air conditioning companies will offer specials on tune-ups and inspections.

Most tune-up services involve checking and repairing:
• Thermostat calibration
• Refrigeration pressure check
• Safety controls
• Cleaning and replacing air filters
• Cleaning and adjustment of blower components
• Tighten connections
• Volt and amp measurements
• Condensation drain cleaning
• Lubrication of moving parts
• Evaporator coil inspection
• Cleaning condenser coil
The complete tune-up shouldn’t take long, and it can really save a lot of money in repairs, especially if you can find a deal or an online coupon from your local service company for air conditioning maintenance.
Doing It Yourself
There are several things you can do yourself to reduce the cost of air conditioning maintenance through a service company. First, you should regularly clean your air vents and returns to remove dust, dander, and other buildup that can cause blockage in the system, therefore making your system work harder and be less efficient.
Also, changing your air filters regularly (every 30 days is recommended) can reduce the buildup of particles that reduce efficiency and get in the system, causing wear and tear beyond the norm. Other things you can do are keep the house dusted, keep the floor swept or vacuumed, and make sure you have plenty of Freon in your system.
If you schedule regular air conditioning maintenance at the right times, and do things on your own to reduce the need for repairs, you shouldn’t have to worry about the cost.